Charter of Minsk BikeKitchen

approved by the Board of the NGO "Minsk Cycling Community" on 12.08.2013 

  1. BikeKitchen "Garage 38" is a public non-profit bike shop. 
  2. We are guided by the experience and practice of the worldwide BikeKitchen movement, and at the same time strive to create our own model.
  3. Anyone can come in and take advantage of BikeKitchen resources for the repair, maintenance, or construction of bicycles or bicycle reatled topics. 
  4. If you take something, please try to leave something. This can be a donation in cash or in-kind assistance, assisting other BikeKitchen visitors. Bike Kitchen exists because of donations and volunteer help. 
  5. Donation of spare parts, tools and supplies are welcome, but they must be in a condition suitable for use. 
  6. Donation of money to support the project is preferable to make the bank account of the NGO Minsk Cycling Community. 
  7. Bike Kitchen is not a store. Please do not take away any parts except those that you install on your bike.
  8. Activities that do not meet our intended purpose are forbidden on our premises. In particular, it is forbidden to sell services and products, or to distribute or display material of a political nature. 
  9. Material of a commercial nature can be posted only in places specially designated for that purpose.
  10. Acts contrary to the laws of the Republic of Belarus are forbidden on our premises.
  11. A BikeKitchen Curator is a person who opens the shop during opening hours and keeps order.
  12. A new curator should be approved by at least three existing curators. Also the curator may be appointed Chairman of the Board MVO. 
  13. Visitors can stay in the premises of BikeKitchen only in the presence of the curator. 
  14. Operational decisions are made by majority vote of curators with a quorum of three members. 
  15. Changes and amendments to this Charter shall be approved by the Board of the NGO Minsk Cycling Community Community if they are approved by at least 50% of the total membership of the Board.